I believe in a well-rounded approach to music education that trains students as musicians and not simply young pianists. As piano study is often a student’s first exposure to formal music training, it is my goal to help lay a musical foundation that will serve the student in whatever musical paths he or she may choose to pursue.

My First Piano Adventures

My First Piano Adventures is a piano, music and movement curriculum designed to capture the playful spirit of children ages 4-6.  A wide range of age-appropriate musical activities make up 30 minute weekly lessons, including movement, listening, singing, rhythm, musical concepts and piano performance pieces.  At the completion of this curriculum, students are ready for the Music Progressions program detailed below.

Music Progressions

The Music Progressions program is a ten-level course of study developed by the Kansas Music Teacher’s Association that encompass a wide scope of musical study.  It is appropriate for students ages 6 and up.  This curriculum is designed to equip students with a broad range of basic skills that lay the foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.  The areas below are covered throughout the year through a combination of private and group instruction:

  • Performance Skills
  • Music Vocabulary & Terminology
  • Rhythm and Pulse Development
  • Sight-playing Skills
  • Keyboard Facility & Technical Skills
  • Applied Written Theory Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Historical Literacy